Clinical Trials Admin Support

Since 2002, EDJ Associates, Inc. has provided program support for oncology clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health. From facilitating the distribution of agents for sponsored clinical trials, to streamlining review process timelines and providing process improvements, the EDJ team has consistently met or exceeded performance measures established by our clients. In addition, utilizing a database of subject matter experts, EDJ clients can access health outcomes research staff with academic training as well as practical research experience in the areas of medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics.

Our clinical trials services include:

  • Strict adherence to established operating and review procedures throughout every stage of a project
  • Utilizing proprietary databases and enterprise systems to meet the needs of each project
  • Data abstraction and maintaining accurate electronic/hard copy files (i.e., new concepts, protocols, letters of intent, correspondence) for clinical trials
  • Screening requests and distributing confidential pharmaceutical documents, including assistance with audit reports for clinical sites using FDA guidelines, producing investigational brochures and preparation of clinical service agreements
  • Professional experience providing helpdesk support to more than 40,000 participating investigators, 24,000 non-investigators and over 11,000 organizations (e.g., hospitals, cooperative groups, academic institutions) working to improve the lives of cancer patients
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