Asset Management

EDJ provides onsite asset management support to assist with the establishment of the various inventory schedules and conduct asset inventories. In addition, we assemble periodic asset account reviews and reports that are extracted from the Asset Management System into a Monthly Inventory Account Reconciliation Report. EDJ’s asset management capabilities includes:

  • Maintaining asset/inventory accuracy for warehoused materials
  • Ensuring asset database is updated accurately through Remedy for assets in inventory, issued/deployed, and assessed
  • Managing physical inventories, location surveys, and perform research and reconciliation to correct accountability record imbalances and prevent denials
  • Identifying repetitive processing errors and help resolve issues/problems in supply system work processes
  • Performing causative research for inventory adjustments
  • Coordinating receipts, storage, and asset disposal with Installation Support Activities
  • Coordinating (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, cyclic, controlled item, and other Type Physical Inventory Code) inventories
  • Assisting Government Team Leads in purchasing, including data calls, management inquiries, reporting and expansion/refinement of the Asset Management System
  • Managing the physical inventory control program services that maintain integrity in mission material asset balances in accordance with Standard Government and Commercial Asset Management Practices
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